Benefits of yoga postpartum for mom

Benefits of yoga postpartum for mom

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Yoga is a very beneficial practice for the mother in the postpartum, mainly because it is an activity in which the baby can participate. It can begin a month after delivery, but above all, when the mother feels confident and secure with her baby.

There are great advantages both physically and emotionally for all moms who dare to practice yoga with their children.

1 - Extra support: Mothers who attend yoga classes for babies and moms create a bond with other moms in the same situation and this creates an environment of help and support, since the more experienced can advise the first time.

2 - On an emotional level: it increases the mother's awareness, that is, feelings and thoughts are perceived more openly and it is possible to understand one's own needs and those of the baby more clearly.

3 - Health improvements: yoga for babies and mothers helps to tune the digestive, respiratory, nervous, lymphatic systems, etc. Improves general health.

4- Physical enhancements: helps to tone muscles and regain physical shape, in addition, it prevents urinary incontinence thanks to the postures that work the perineum area.

5 - Reduce stressRelaxation techniques performed during classes help calm the mind and acquire a sense of inner peace and tranquility. It also dilutes the worries around raising the baby.

6 - Enjoy motherhood- Yoga will become a fun and relaxed activity, it helps to enjoy motherhood and to open up to others to give and receive love. It is about transmitting positive energy, mainly to the baby.

7- The feeling of well-being it produces helps prevent postpartum depression.

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