Benefits of making collections for children

Benefits of making collections for children

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Sometimes we don't know how to keep our children entertained or get them to turn their interest away from the game console or television. Usually the only way to do this is to drag them out onto the street to play in a park or sign them up for a sporting activity. But how do we get them to have fun at home?

The collections They represent a different form of leisure that can be very beneficial for children of any age. Child collectors are curious, excited, attentive and organized children who put all their interest in one or more collections of objects that they will never forget.

There are many benefits to making collections. Any collection, whatever it may be, requires attention, organization, perseverance and a lot of interest. Children can learn many values ​​with their collections, such as The responsability as they are in charge of creating, maintaining and caring for their collection. This also encourages your autonomy and enables them to start making decisions for themselves.

There are collections that do not need any investment of money, but in most collections you have to spend something. In this way, children learn to save and manage money in the most convenient way. The memory they need it to know exactly what elements their collection contains and patience It kicks in when they realize they can't get their collection overnight.

Having an interest and being able to maintain and nurture it is one of the best capacities we can. pass on to our children. In addition, making collections promotes the sociability of children by interacting with other children who have the same interests and practicing The cooperation to exchange those objects that are missing or left over from their collections.

Making a collection is a lesson that you can use in your adult life. What they collect is not as important as the illusion they put on while collecting. Children can collect all kinds of things, marbles, stones, seashells, tree leaves, insects, trading cards, stickers, small dolls or even toy cars. But all collections serve the same purpose: to encourage children to ability to get excited.

From this point of view it is very important that we encourage children to collect what they like the most from a young age. It is from the 4 or 5 years when the first big collections in the life of a child start. By that age, the child is already capable of organizing thinking, doing little math to find out the status of his collection, or recognizing enough words to gather information about his collectibles.

Making collections is not only a form of leisure in which kids have fun, is a way of developing many aspects of the personality, such as perfectionism, thoroughness or curiosity. It also teaches children the value of effort, strategy, and even faces frustration when they don't get the object they want right away.

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