It is not the same to be sterile as infertile

It is not the same to be sterile as infertile

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In order for them to procreate or have children, both men and women need and depend on a complex system of organic synchrony. If any system fails, we can talk about infertility, but if everything fails, we can talk about sterility. Thus, in theory there does not seem to be much sense, but in practice there are very clear differences.

In the complex system of organic synchronies are:

1-The man must produce sperm, the same as the woman ovules, which have characteristics that make them viable.

2- A sperm must pass the test to reach the woman's fallopian tubes and be able to fertilize the female germinating cell.

3- The resulting egg or zygote must be able to implant correctly in a uterus ready to receive it.

4- The woman must have an adequate 'hormonal environment' that allows the egg to develop healthily and grow until the pregnancy is successful.

If any of these stages have any difficulty that repeatedly prevents you from carrying a pregnancy to completion, doctors call it infertility; while they speak of sterility when the inability to achieve fertilization is proven.

The causes of sterility are many and require long studies to be identified, among them hereditary anatomical conditions, sequelae of infections of sexual origin, and the absence of ovules due to polycystic ovarian disease or irregular production of pituitary hormones could be mentioned.

To detect the elements that condition sterility, very elaborate studies are needed to rule out congenital uterine malformations, endocrine metabolic disorders such as diabetes, viral or bacterial diseases and genetic problems. However, couples suffering from these conditions have an increasing chance of realizing the dream of having children thanks to the advances in assisted fertilization that are already applied in many countries of the world.

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