Bring the baby to the front with a scarf step by step

Bring the baby to the front with a scarf step by step

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There are different ways to take the baby with you if you go for a walk, it is about carrying. In addition to the classic baby carriage, there are ways to have the baby closer and that sometimes, such as traveling by public transport or running an errand, are more comfortable because they leave the arms of the father or mother free.

One of these ways of wearing is to use a woven scarf. In this case, we will learn to place it by carrying the baby in front and tying a knot behind.

  • Large, regular or small woven scarf depending on the size of the wearer

Tip: you can also use an elastic fabric scarf although it supports less weight and should be used when the baby is very young.

1- Look at the labels in the center and place it in the middle. To avoid over fabric, hem at the top.

2- Pass the ends of the scarf over the shoulders in such a way that there is a cross behind.

3- Put the baby inside the bag, the legs should be outside the scarf in a frog position.

4- You have to adjust the straps little by little so that the scarf is firm, pull them and cross them under the baby's legs.

5- All that remains is to tie the back

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