How to stop bullying or bullying

How to stop bullying or bullying

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It could be called María, Isabel or Lourdes. Maybe next time it will be Juan, Carlos or Antonio. We do not know their names, but we do know the nightmare they have been through. Bullying is more cruel and harmful than a gun. And much more painful. Often invisible. And so lethal that it sometimes leads to suicide.

School harassment or bullying does not understand gender, or social conditions. It occurs as soon as a child or a series of children decide to make life impossible for another. Once they choose their victim, they attack her without mercy. Threats, blackmails and messages that disarm the harassed child from the inside, that will undermine him until he ends his illusion and his will to live. Harassment, a scourge, that undoubtedly must be eliminated. And urgently.

Unfortunately, bullying is universal, it affects schoolchildren all over the world. In many countries they try to stop it from early childhood education. Values ​​and social norms. Respect for differences, tolerance ... but in the end, there is always a bully who breaks the rules.

InFinlandhave launched a program that is achieving great success. Is named KiVa, the diminutive of two Finnish words that mean 'Against school bullying'. A program, by the way, created by experts from the University of Turku, a place where they have been studying behavior and relationships among children for 25 years.

What exactly is this anti-bullying program? While most centers focus on the bully and the victim, the KiVa program changes the rules that govern the group. The important thing here is to educate the 'witnesses', those who look, cheer and laugh at the aggressor. Those who are silent. The solution is not to try to change the shyness of the victim, or to change the aggressor, but rather for those witnesses to act in a case of bullying. That they cover the attacked child and do not support the aggressor. In this way, the aggressor will feel annulled and the victim will gain security.

- Classes are taught on coexistence, respect and tolerance from 7 to 13 years old.

- It is created a virtual mailbox where children can report without fear if they feel threatened.

- Caregivers at recess wear Reflective vests to be easily located.

- Each school has three people dedicated exclusively to the issue of bullying and act immediately at the first sign, first supporting the victim and making the aggressor aware of his mistake.

This program began to be implemented in some Finnish schools in 2007. From the first moment, the results were astonishing. 79% of bullying was eliminated. Moreover, the schools where this program operated had a higher rate of satisfaction and motivation for studying among children. It has already been exported to various countries, such as France, Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden or the United States.

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