Role-playing games for children

Role-playing games for children

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A priori, you may think of a role playing game it is not something positive for us, and certainly unthinkable for children. However, far from what it may seem, role-playing games are interesting and beneficial for the little ones in the house, since they help them to think about and get into the shoes of other characters.

In addition, they also contribute to empathy and to generate that ability to imagine the situations that another feels from their perspective. Therefore, it is necessary to know what role-playing games are and what Benefits save.

The role playing games They are those in which a specific theme is exposed and the characters or attitudes that each participant must adopt. In an activity of this type, each of the people taking part will have to play a role determined or impersonate a person to act out their role.

In general, all the people who are part of the story must follow a certain script given to them by whoever adopts the figure of the narrator or guide, although he is also called a referee. This will be the one who tells others what to do.

The Benefits of the role-playing games for children are the most varied. The empathy It is the first of them, since they manage to put themselves in the place of another person by interpreting their sensations and movements. Also of course we have to highlight the imagination when developing each character, and also the group interaction, which will help them to know how to integrate, be sociable and learn to to share.

Although many role playing games for adults they are established from a board, those for children can do without it and simply shape the story through different themes.

- Historical reenactment: With a type of role-playing game in which each child plays a historical characterIf they can also dress up in the purest theatrical style, it will help them not only to dress up and play characters, but to understand parts of the plot for didactic purposes.

- Detective role play: In the purest style Sherlock Holmes, the role-playing game can be focused on solving a mess guided by the narrator of the plot, where the children discover the wrongdoer through clues. In this way children will find stimulation in the story.

- Conquest of animals: The characters in an RPG do not have to be human. Once the imagination is in power, the possibilities are endless: elephants, giraffes, lions, or why not dragons? The story must have a meaning, and each character must be clear about why to carry it out.

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