The first plane trip with the baby

The first plane trip with the baby

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My daughter has been traveling by plane practically since she was born. Now, at ten years old, he continues to do so because we believe that, both on the ground and in the air, children should not be overprotected or skimped on new experiences. If they experience fear or any other type of emotional reaction, they are almost certainly mirroring what their parents are feeling. In most cases, it is the parents who are most afraid of traveling by plane.

Parents are more afraid of traveling by plane than children, so do not look for excuses not to travel with the baby by plane. Touch the clouds with your baby! According to pediatricians, babies are ready to travel by plane from ten days to two weeks old, although some travel earlier.

The stressful thing about traveling with babies by plane is the amount of things we have to carry. Even so, do not worry because the personnel on board of the airlines are more than prepared and used to this type of situation. Normally, they are always on the lookout for if you need warm water to prepare the bottle, or if you need to sterilize the pacifier, and things like that.

If the flight is very long, the companies offer a folding crib on board, in the first row, for babies under 2 years of age, so that parents can travel more comfortably in their seats, without having to carry their arms.

To make this first experience the best possible, I leave you some tips:

- Do not forget to bring diapers, bottles, medicines, milk, baby food, a change of clothes, a toy, pencils, or a book of stories, and everything related to the baby.

- Make sure the baby is in good health.

- To avoid that the change in pressure inside the plane, at the time of takeoff or landing, does not bother the baby, make sure that at those moments he is sucking on his mother's breast, the bottle or a pacifier, to release the air pressure that builds up in the ears.

- Try to give your little one plenty of fluids during the trip.

- Put comfortable clothes on the baby especially if it is a long trip.

- You catch a time change, do not worry because the internal clock of babies will make them adapt little by little.

- If the baby cries, carry him in your arms to the back of the plane, so as not to disturb the other passengers, and distract him. For that it is always good to bring a toy or a doll that the little one likes

- If your baby is very restless, talk to your pediatrician about the possibility of giving him some sedative or medicine to avoid dizziness.

- Another little thing: the safety of the little ones on the plane is also very important. They must wear a seat belt, however they travel. There are appropriate chairs for children, from 2 years old, to travel in the adult armchairs.

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