How to remove grease stains from children's clothing

How to remove grease stains from children's clothing

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It is not so rare for a child to stain grease many clothes over time. It may be because it has touched something related to a car or because it has been splashed with grease from the food itself, so it is necessary to know certain homemade tricks that provide us with help so that those clothes do not spoil.

Depending on how long the stain has been on the garment, or on the origin of the fat itself, so we must act before put the clothes in the washing machine so that it disappears completely.

First of all, we must know that if the stain is freshly made, we will not act the same as if a few hours or even days have passed. If we have just seen that our child has stained when eating, then what we should do is place a napkin on the garment in question so that it can be absorbed as much as possible.

Later, before starting to rub, in a basin we will put hot water and mix it with hand soap, with the aim that the stain can be undone little by little. This is only possible if the grease has just fallen off, otherwise it would have penetrated the fabric and soapy water would be of little use.

Afterwards, we can apply the usual detergent for delicate garments to the mixture of the bowl, and this would be the ideal time to rub with the help of a brush -Its size will depend on that of the stain itself- in a circular shape until little by little it melts away.

When the stain has been on our little one's clothes for a while, the mode of action has to be different, and home remedies can go beyond soapy water or the detergent itself.

-Yolk: Incredible but true. If the grease stain has been on children's clothes for a few hours, the most effective thing is to crack an egg on it and make a paste that will later be removed with cold water.

-Alcohol: If we find it very difficult to remove the stain in question, after mixing water with soap or detergent, we can apply a few drops of alcohol, which will make it much easier to dissolve. We can help ourselves with cotton so that it spreads better.

-Bar soap: If we have previously used liquid soap for the stain in question, we must know that a tablet usually has more cleaning properties and that if we use it as a 'scourer' when rubbing the frame it will act more strongly on the garment.

-Iron steam: When the grease stain is completely dry, what we can do is heat the clothes iron and with the steam itself and a little talcum powder, it can disappear when we thought that everything was lost.

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