Punishments should be based on the character of the child

Punishments should be based on the character of the child

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I do not agree, since this reinforces the negative behavior of children, misbehavior, first of all using the word "Punishment" is something very strong, I have achieved more with love and encouragement applied most of the time instead of pointing fingers and punishments, and shaming them in front of other children. My son with so much scolding, punishment and reproach only managed to further break his self-esteem, so I totally disagree with this article, in Venezuela the rights of children and adolescents maintain that up to a maximum of 8 years the child is capable of learning to read and write, in addition education IS NOT QUANTITATIVE but qualitative, it is also forbidden to leave it in the same grade if it has not achieved full progress (in the case of totally normal children), in fact there are dyslexivcs children, with asperger's who have the right to study in a NORMAL school but under a different approach than the traditional method, according to their way of learning

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