Lighting in the baby's room

Lighting in the baby's room

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Do you know that adequate lighting in the bedroom is essential to achieve that relaxing and comfortable environment that your baby will need? The lighting in a children's room does not differ much from that of another bedroom in the house. In addition to being a functional element, it is still an important decorative element. It should harmonize with the rest of the decoration. The guidelines we offer you are very simple and will help you get the right lighting for your baby's bedroom.

It is important to bear in mind that both the materials with which the furniture is made or the floor and walls are covered, as well as the colors of the same will influence the lighting since they will vary the degree of light reflection.

What does this mean? Very simple: light colors and glossy surfaces have a higher degree of reflection so the light will bounce better and a higher intensity of illumination will be achieved. There are two ways to illuminate the room: natural light and artificial light.

During the day, it is very important to make the most of natural lighting. Think about what your baby's room is like. If it is something dark, the curtains and curtains must be translucent so as not to impede the passage of light that can enter. On the other hand, in very sunny bedrooms we will have to filter this light with somewhat denser fabrics. Make sure that the distribution of the furniture is correct, trying not to obstruct the windows and that the light flows better.

In artificial lighting we must combine general lighting in the room with specific lighting for certain areas.

1 - General lighting
It is used when you need to illuminate the entire space. The most common is to use a ceiling light. Fluorescents and halogens produce a very cold light for a children's bedroom, so it is better to opt for incandescent models. There are a wide variety of models on the market that will serve as a decorative complement: Lamps with children's motifs, more classic, design ...

2 - Spot lighting
To illuminate certain areas that need more light such as the changing area, the breastfeeding area or to achieve indirect light we can choose between table or floor lamps. Its intensity will vary depending on the task we are going to carry out.

Do not forget the necessary safety measures to avoid accidents. The baby will grow and plugs are a great risk. You must put safety caps to prevent children from sticking their fingers or something with a pointed object. Nor should the cables be loose and accessible.

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