How to get pregnant after taking the birth control pill

How to get pregnant after taking the birth control pill

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The anticonceptive pill it is the most effective method to avoid pregnancy among the reversible. It is a hormonal contraceptive that uses gestagens, a synthetic hormone that prevents ovulation and that produces a thickening of the cervical mucus in the cervix that prevents the entry of sperm. But what are the chances of getting pregnant after taking the birth control pill?

Women who have taken the contraceptive pill have the same chances as the rest of getting pregnant. Hormonal contraceptives do not undermine the chances of achieving pregnancy when they are stopped. Its contraceptive effects are only maintained as long as it is taken correctly, but when a woman stops treatment or forgets to take a dose, fertility returns.

Usually, women who have taken the pill take the same time to conceive a child as those who have used other contraceptive methodss. Fertility is restored very quickly. Women who have taken the pill have the same chance of becoming pregnant as those who have never used hormonal contraception. The only hormonal contraceptive that can delay pregnancy is the progestogen injection, which is given quarterly. In this case, normal ovarian function may take a little longer to normalize, about a year specifically, although sometimes it is restored earlier.

The guidelines to be followed by women who have taken the pill to achieve pregnancy are the same as those indicated for the rest. A preconception consultation is recommended to monitor your general health, follow a healthy diet and start taking folic acid and iodine supplements at least three months after conception to avoid risks in the formation of the baby. Iodine prevents hypothyroidism in the future baby, and folic acid can help prevent certain neural tube defects, such as spina bifida.

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