First aid kit for traveling with children

First aid kit for traveling with children

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On a trip with children, it is very normal for suitcases to “get fat” and that we carry many times, much more than necessary. There are so many items that we have to carry ... clothes, toys, diapers, accessories ... and we almost always forget something that seems essential to me: a first aid kit. The first aid kit or kit is a necessary and essential resource when traveling with children.

Accidents do not warn. So the best thing is that we are always prepared for any type of situation and even more so if we are with children.

The first aid kit or kit is a necessary and essential resource when traveling with children. It is important to have everything you need on hand for any unexpected situation.

Ever since I had my daughter, I always have one in the glove compartment of my car. And when we travel by train, plane or other type of transport, I carry it in my suitcase. I think to make a medicine cabinet, we basically have to gather:

- Antiseptics. They serve to prevent and avoid wound infections. They protect the wound from microbes and germs that can worsen the state of wounds and spoil our journey.

- Healing material. I am referring to gauze, compresses, dressings, bandages, cotton, etc., which are used to clean, cover wounds from cuts or burns, to protect the wound from possible infection, as well as to control bleeding.

- Instruments and tools. We must always have a pair of scissors, a thermometer, a flashlight, wipes and handkerchiefs, and tweezers within our reach to manipulate the healing material.

- Medicines. Apart from the medications that the family usually uses, it is also necessary that we have: analgesics, anti-inflammatories and antipyretics such as paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin, in addition to antihistamines in the case of an allergy. You cannot anticipate an insect bite or skin or nasal allergy that may occur. I also usually include small doses of physiological saline for some discomfort in the eyes or to clean the nose.

In a first aid kit, depending on where we go, we can also include creams against sunburn or fire, some eye drops, an antacid in case we eat something that has caused heartburn in the stomach, or some medicine in the case of children feel dizzy and want to vomit on the plane. With all that on hand, it will be easier for the family to ensure a good trip.

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