Kids, let's go to the kitchen!

Kids, let's go to the kitchen!

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The kitchen has never been as fashionable as it is now. The waiting lists for a place in schools are lengthening and the ages of those interested decrease, and every day more cooking competitions are seen on television, even for the smallest of the house. Have you tried taking your child to the kitchen? I have tried it and I can tell you that you can have a good and fun time cooking with them.

From a very young age, my daughter has always liked to dress and coat the fillets, prepare a sponge cake, a cake, make cookies, but her determination is really to make the mousse of chocolate. It comes out to lick your fingers! The art of cooking has arrived for children as a fun and enjoyable game.

Holidays, whether summer or winter, or just a holiday, are a good time for your child to take his first steps in the kitchen. There is no more or less suitable age for it. When you notice that your child already has enough skill in his hands to handle food, it is the ideal time to introduce him to the culinary world. In addition, being in contact with food will encourage you to try and consume it.

Teaching cooking is a good way to stimulate and teach eating habits to children. In the kitchen, not only food is prepared and eaten, it is also educated and learned. Cooking is a necessity but also a tradition, a custom that we should pass on to children, enjoy it with them and teach them to take care of themselves and to eat healthy. Eating well is having a good quality of life. Giving value to food is a solid foundation for proper nutrition.

It has been some time since some schools created cooking workshops for children. They make the act of cooking very entertaining, engaging, and a lot of fun. They teach them how to choose and buy the best products, how to combine dishes, how to prepare a good menu, how to get the best out of vegetables, what is the nutritional value of each food, and finally how to handle and prepare a complete food.

At a time when childhood obesity is on the rise, I believe that teaching children, from an early age, to cook and get involved in preparing meals is also a way to prevent and prevent them from becoming become obese children. Apart from that, it also favors the fight against sedentary lifestyle. Instead of the child being in front of a television all morning while his mom or dad are preparing the food, why not give him the opportunity to also participate and get involved with the kitchen? It is a way to prevent the child from getting bored, and to instill commitment and effort in their daily lives. In addition, the kitchen motivates the child to knowledge, work and a better assessment of himself.

Between pots and stoves, children learn a lot. To cook dishes with eggs, with different pastas, salads, sauces, and an infinity of desserts such as biscuit tarts, pancakes, ice creams ... Surely the child will decline for some specialty. Come, wash your hands, get the apron and the pots, get a good cooking recipe, and hands in the dough!

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