The first games with my baby

The first games with my baby

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The game My daughter's favorite when she was only one month old, was to dance close to my chest, to the beat of my steps. And feel the notes of the music with every movement. I know that at that moment she felt protected in my arms while experiencing endless new sensations. And it is that in these first months of your child's life it is clear that the best way to learn is by playing.

The rhythm, the shapes, the colors, the cold or the heat. The noise, the touch. In its first months, the baby begins to discover a whole new world. And it is really amazing. This is the time when the brain develops the fastest. He is thirsty to learn, to understand, to internalize. Suddenly Mom's voice is clear. It is no longer buffered by amniotic fluid. The sounds are soft, squeaky, loud. In a short time the shapes will stop being blurry and the colors will take on an intense and incredible hue.

Throughout this stage of discoveries, of news, you can help your child to enjoy all these changes with games very simple. Here are some examples:

- Dance and sing: Yes, dancing, with your child in your arms, to the sound of music, favors their spatial orientation and coordination skills. You will try to perceive moving images. You will begin to become familiar with the rhythm, with the beat. And sing to him, sing to him every day. Music has been shown to enhance brain development and have health benefits.

- A stuffed animal: Obviously, a stuffed animal according to his age. No long hair or objects that the baby can tear off and put in the mouth. It's funny, my daughter had a little duck hanging from the bassinet. One day I discovered her talking to him. I sang to him. His first gorgoritos were for that little duck who accompanied him in every dream. It was her way of practicing with him, of discovering his voice, of modulating it. Trust me, a stuffed animal is more than just a toy. It can become a great companion for your child.

- The cuckoo: It is a fabulous game for the baby to realize that things do not disappear, that they are there even if he cannot see them. It begins by covering a toy and uncovering it before their eyes. Then do it with your face. And finally, with yours. You will see how he likes it!

- Games in the bathroom: The bathroom is a very important time to strengthen links between parents and children, and a great place to play with your baby. Smells, the texture of objects, the sound of water splashing. All the senses are sharpened (soon that of taste will too).

- Face down: Lie down like him, face down. Play with your baby on the floor. You will be enhancing his interest in lifting his neck and observing everything around him. At first it will stay glued to the ground, little by little you will see that it raises its arms and legs and it will only support itself with its belly. You are enhancing crawling, a phase that will help the psychomotor development of your son.

- To the gym: one of my daughter's favorite places was the play blanket. And it was nothing more than a square cloth with patterns of strong colors, with a bow from which they hung dreamer-dolls and a few dolls that, inside the fabric, offered sounds and textures of all kinds. And she loved to touch them, to create sounds. Soon after, she began to move her legs, and that blanket became a fantastic gym for her.

- Out for a walk: Walking with your baby is opening the door to the world. Imagine their first discoveries. The light, the clouds, the sound of birds, the noise of cars. At first the image you will see will be that of the sky. But as soon as you move to a more upright chair, he will spend the day observing it all. Use the baby carrier. You will be able to see so much more while feeling safe next to your chest.

- Make faces: Yes, lose your fear. Give him a big smile and then make a sad face. He frowns. Stick out your tongue. Put a thousand and one faces. Your child will gradually learn to internalize gestures and emotions. He will laugh and try to imitate you. You can also play make sounds while making faces, such as clapping ('palmas palmitas') or inviting him to follow your finger as you move it from one side to the other.

- The caresses: The first sense that the baby develops is touch. At first they do not see clearly. Their only food is milk. Hey, yes, but the first thing your baby will feel is your hug, your warmth and your caresses. And the caresses, they speak, they say a lot. You will be transmitting to your child security and you will be strengthening the bond with him. Learn to give her a massage after the bath. It is relaxing, stimulating and very good for the health of your baby.

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