The danger of leaving the child in the car in summer

The danger of leaving the child in the car in summer

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There is news that makes our hair stand on end, it is those news that we would like not to happen. Such is the case of fathers and mothers who, due to recklessness or carelessness, leave their children in the car. If this fact also occurs in summer or in places with high temperatures, the outcome can be tragic.

From the Spanish Association of Pediatrics They warn us that the most common cause for which children under four years of age suffer a heat stroke is not exposure to the sun in a park, on the beach or in the pool, it is by leaving the child in the car.

And is that a car parked in the sun, whether summer or winter, becomes a 'little oven'. I'm from the generation that grew up without air conditioning in the car, and before I could get in, my parents had to air the car properly, and we even drove with the windows fully down, to get some fresh air in.

And is that, if the outside temperature is 35º, that of the car interior can reach 65º in just 15 minutes. A child who remains in the car can rise to 42 degrees in body temperature in the first half hour. It is when dehydration, heat exhaustion and increased body temperature cause the dreaded hypertemia, and this can cause the death of the child or baby.

Some people think that nothing happens if you leave the windows partially open, however, it is a big mistake, since the air that enters will not be able to reduce the increase in temperature.

The fact is so serious that we should not even consider leaving the baby or child for a few minutes to run a quick errand. You need to remember that the ability to regulate body temperature is infinitely lower in a child. The child's temperature rises three to five times faster than that of an adult since they have fewer water reserves. Therefore, they are more exposed to high temperatures.

If the child suffers from heat stroke, it is advisable to:

- Remove the child's clothing.

- Take him to a cool and ventilated place.

- Refresh the nape, wrists and ankles with a damp towel.

- Lay him down on the floor and lift his legs.

- Offer water or, if possible, oral serum.

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