Children's musical initiation

Children's musical initiation

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Have you ever imagined a world in which there was no sound? If we stop to observe, and listen, almost all sounds we hear during the day they are like musical instruments playing some song: rain, wind, thunder, the song of the birds, etc. This is how babies begin to observe, learn, differentiate and acquire sensitivity to sounds.

Music brings well-being and tranquility to the baby since it is in the same mother's womb. If the mother listens to music repeatedly during pregnancy, the baby remembers it after birth and calms down with her if he hears it.

In a recent study, a group of children whose mothers had watched a television series calmed down when they heard the tune in the first week of life! The children of mothers who had not seen the series did not respond in the same way. Research showed that babies had learned to associate attunement with a period of peace and quiet in which the mother made herself comfortable for half an hour in front of the television. The same type of reaction was seen in babies whose parents regularly listened to the same music during pregnancy.

According to the German pianist Wolfgang Leibnitz, "music is the pleasure that the soul experiences in counting without realizing which account". One way to develop a baby's sensitivity to music is to make him imitate, with his mouth, the sounds of objects and what is happening around him. That may be the beginning of everything.

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