The thousand and one ways for the child to eat

The thousand and one ways for the child to eat

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For my little niece to eat, her mother says that you have to perform the show for her every day and at all meals. Many parents have resorted to entertainment during the feeding of our child and I recognize that it is a fairly effective practice, but it should not become a habit, since feeding can become a conditioned action.

Who does not know the typical 'this teaspoon for dad, another for mom ...'? So, until he ends up naming the whole family and those around him so that the child ends up with all the porridge; or the 'flying' spoon that simulates the rocket, the plane or the motorcycle that ends up landing in our son's mouth wide open; tell them the thousand and one stories or resort to some object or toy to manipulate. And worst of all ... placing the cartoons while we insert the spoon between the lips without any interest on the part of the child who is staring at the television.

Almost all of us have used these tricks and entertainments to get our child to finish the plate and we have made feeding an almost unconscious act. The child ends up opening his mouth to the fact that we are playing with him or he is spending a relaxed time in front of the TV, but we must aspire to something better: that our children manage to enjoy the act of feeding themselves and not the show that accompanies.

The game can be the reward afterwards or the prize to eat. Many times we feel obligated because we believe that our child does not eat enough and it is very useful to use these tricks as a lesser evil, to get the child to eat the foods that will help them to have proper nutrition and health. Food is learning and, without a doubt, learning should be fun, so as they get older, we must teach them to enjoy food and family encounters, abandoning games or entertainment outside the act and place of eating.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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