How difficult it is to leave the baby at school or daycare

How difficult it is to leave the baby at school or daycare

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I have almost no memories of the bad drink I had when I left my daughter in kindergarten or nursery school for the first time, but those days I am experiencing the same situation in the third person. A co-worker is having a hard time with her baby's first days in daycare. We are all expectant in the writing with the adaptation of your little one, as if it were ours. After all, all or almost all of us have had the same experience, right?

Could it be that today has remained without crying? How did it turn out today: crying or smiling? The mother tells us that on the first day it was very hard because when she went to pick him up, his cheeks were red from crying. The baby cries, the mother cries, the older brother, the father and even the grandmother, with whom the little one has been in his first two years. Can you imagine the scene? Well, it is a fact that happens in many homes, especially when parents have to return to work after the holidays.

Adaptation is tough but necessary. And although we all know how we have to act and that the baby is well cared for and cared for, and that as the days go by he will get used to it and have a great time, the suffering of separation is inevitable for both babies and parents. .

Here are some tips for parents on how to help your baby adjust to school, daycare or kindergarten:

1- Accompany your baby to school and say goodbye to him in a very natural and sure way that it will be the best for him.

2- Do not let your baby see or notice that you are going through badly or that you are suffering.

3- It is not recommended that the baby, at first, stay all day at school. The best thing is that the little one adapts little by little. One, two or three hours a day, for at least the first week.

4- Don't forget to bring a pacifier or a favorite toy to your baby. That will give you more security.

5- Try that the first days of your baby's school do not coincide with other changes, for example, removal of the diaper, changes of house, etc.

6- If your baby is sick, don't take him to school. You will feel doubly annoying and can also infect other babies.

7- When you pick up your baby from school, spend some time playing with him, taking him to the park or doing an activity together.

8- And finally, don't forget that we all need time to adapt to new situations.

The most important thing in the initiation to nursery school are the babies, giving them support and affection so that they adapt as well as possible. However, we must not forget all those mothers and fathers who leave school with tears in their eyes and with a feeling of sorrow. For them we also have advice. Unburdening ourselves and crying when the baby can no longer see us is positive and releases tension.

Do not hesitate to talk to your partner or family to express your feelings. It will also help you to share experiences with other parents who have gone through the same situation. I have cried a lot and I will never forget that.

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