Going back to school affects parents more than children

Going back to school affects parents more than children

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My daughter has returned to school very happy. I had everything under control: the uniform clean and well-ironed, the lined books, the organized backpack, snack, and a smile from ear to ear. On the way back, the same. She came animated, telling us all the news of the new course. In return, I had a huge mess on my schedule. Hours to go! School begins and many parents have to do real stunts to ensure education, fun, and social relationships for their children.

Sometimes I wonder if we are not going through all that. So that children have the best education, learn and speak languages, play games, make friends, play sports, do not watch what they should not on television, eat what they have to eat so as not to become an obese child, and etc. , etc., we, the parents, get messy and get stressed. The super control that many parents have over their children is taking the north from them.

I think children were never so protected as now. They are looked at with a magnifying glass. What do they study, if they have problems with their classmates, if the teachers are good, if the school agenda is fulfilled, their homework, what can be done so that they invest their time better. Everything is screaming in the sky, too many worries, controls, security, and it seems that even then everything is insufficient.

It is not surprising that psychologists affirm that going back to school affects parents more than children. They are forced to change their work rhythm, to obey strict schedules, to make more expenses with books and school supplies, to attend meetings, tutorials, to enroll their child in an after-school activity, a sport, and above all, be back and forth as if they were a ping pong ball. And as if all that were not enough, they have to maintain a positive attitude towards their child, take an interest in their affairs, help them with their homework, and keep them excited about learning throughout the course. Our children cannot lack anything, absolutely nothing. And that we do not overwhelm or worry them with the task that we have mounted.

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