Homeopathy to relieve pregnancy discomfort

Homeopathy to relieve pregnancy discomfort

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Homeopathy can help us alleviate pregnancy discomfort as common as insomnia, lumbago or sciatica, tired legs, nausea, gastric problems or urinary infections. Traditional medication can affect the development of the fetus, so it is not recommended during pregnancy except in very specific cases, but fortunately homeopathy can solve this problem.

Homeopathy is a type of alternative medicine to prevent, alleviate or heal multiple symptoms by administering preparations - they can be syrups, ointments, pills or suppositories - made from highly diluted extracts. It is precisely the infinitesimal presence of extracts that makes homeopathy something safe for the fetus but effective for the mother.

For this reason, homeopathic treatment is especially indicated to help pregnant women to alleviate the small disorders inherent to pregnancy, childbirth and lactation.

Like traditional medicine, homeopathy should not be given without a prescription since there are many components and doses that come into play depending on the symptoms and characteristics of each patient. But it is worth knowing which are the homeopathic elements most used for ailments such as lumbago, in which case Kalium carbonicum, ruta graveolens or bryonia are usually supplied.

Ipeca 9CH, sepia officinalis 9CH, tabacum composé, cocculus indicus 9CH, or ignatia amara 15CH are commonly used for nausea, while nux vomica 15CH effectively relieves stress insomnia.

But homeopathy is not only recommended to treat the symptoms of pregnancy but also to calm other ailments such as flu or migraines. In these cases, pregnant women can substitute the usual medications for oscillococcinum, paragrippe or homeogrippe (to alleviate flu processes) or cyclamen, iris versicolor, belladonna or nux vomica to calm migraines.

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