The importance of knowing how to choose a good story for children

The importance of knowing how to choose a good story for children

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Surely you all remember the first story or book that got you 'hooked' on reading. Good stories, those that we like a lot, those that make us feel, those that amaze and amuse us, are those that make us enjoy and make reading a real pleasure. That is why choosing well a story that our children like is so important.

For some children reading is hard work, they almost see it as a small punishment, and competing with television, computers, video consoles and games is a daily battle. If they observe that the moment of reading is a moment of rest, rewarding and relaxation For adults, (often stressed by the life we ​​lead), they will imitate us, and reading will become a very pleasant moment for them. Getting it is our task, how?

1- Currently on the market there are children's stories for all ages, even for babies. Exaggerating our voice, our expression, the way we recite, sing, are things that will make all the younger children pay more attention to us. If we choose stories with a lot of color, attractive images that give life to our characters, we will have a lot of cattle.

2- If we also choose short, repetitive, rhyming texts and most importantly, according to their age, it will make their understanding easier.

3- If the protagonists of our story are themselves, it will make it much more interesting.

4- Motivate children to express themselves and answer all your questions it will always be very positive.

5- Does our son love horses? The motor world? The fantastic adventures? The princess stories? We will then choose the stories with that theme.

5- When the children are a little older, they can come with us to bookstores or librariesThis will make them decide for themselves and it will be more exciting and above all, it will awaken their interest in books.

6- If we manage to get a child to read regularly, and that there is 'story time' in their day to day, how about before going to sleep? They will undoubtedly rest better and have better school performance.

And, to finish, I leave you a phrase from Günter Grass: 'There is no more beautiful spectacle than the gaze of a child who reads'.

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