How and when did your son know the rain?

How and when did your son know the rain?

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The day-to-day life of a baby involves constant learning. The surprises and news happen as if by magic and in those first times that they discover something new, their eyes light upas they never will after.

The first time they see an airplane cross the sky, the waves of the sea rushing towards their little feet, touch the cold snow or notice how the raindrops wet their head and face on a stormy day. They are unforgettable moments that we should capture to keep them always. This is what some American parents have done whose video in which your daughter discovers the rain for the first time it has already gone viral.

Rain is a phenomenon that attracts babies in an extraordinary way, some are so excited and attracted by the moment that they just want to stay wet and run around in the rain. They extend their little hands to try to catch the water that falls from the sky, sometimes they open their mouth to drink a little rain and they jump over the puddles that form on the ground.

As we grow we lose the emotion of seeing it rain And when it happens, we run for shelter to avoid getting wet. It's funny how the children's reaction is the opposite, They run into the rain to feel it, touch it, smell it.

Do you remember how your son met the rain? Can you remember this moment when he saw it rain for the first time? Those little moments help us parents to stop in our busy and stressed lives and enjoy what surrounds us. They are great moments to become a little child and enjoy with our children, marvel at the water falling from the sky and run in the rain.

There are several videos that have already gone viral in which we can see through their emotions what babies feel when they discover the rain for the first time. The last one was recorded by American parents and you can see how a dad runs and plays with his excited baby the first time he sees it rain. The girl claps her hands, screams happily, and escapes from inside the house to run into the summer rain.

What a lot of people would give to feel those first few times again, right? Parents are fortunate because we can live them through our children.

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