Aesthetic treatments and pregnancy

Aesthetic treatments and pregnancy

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For future moms, being beautiful during pregnancy is essential. Weight gain or fluid retention completely transform a pregnant woman's body, and feeling beautiful is important.

But it is at this moment that they arise doubts about whether some cosmetic treatments can be harmful to the baby if done in pregnancy. Knowing which ones harm us and which ones are not negative will help us feel good inside and out to carry them out.

- Creams with harsh chemicals: In pregnancy it is advisable to review the components of the products that are used naturally. The cosmetics or creams used on a day-to-day basis could be harmful to the skin during pregnancy, especially if they contain harsh chemicals.

- The myth of the dyeAlthough it has always been said that you cannot dye your hair while pregnant, there is a clause for women who wear colored hair regularly and want to keep it in the pregnancy: they can be used, but it is advisable to avoid those that have ammonia and opt for natural dyes.

- Appliance treatments: The temptation to reduce fluid retention or other beauty treatments in pregnancy exist, but it is not highly recommended to do it through pressotherapy or any other means that uses aparotology. It is a great cosmetic treatment for postpartum, but some experts consider that it is not correct during pregnancy.

- Heat treatments: The beauty procedures that are done in a spa that include very hot water treatments are not good for women who are expecting a baby.

- Plastic surgery. It is not the best time to have an aesthetic intervention. It is not essential and carries certain risks.

- Massages: Precisely to end fluid retention and get the pregnant woman to relax, massages are a highly recommended beauty treatment when expecting a baby. In fact, you can do a massage lymphatic drainage or simply for the pleasure of feeling better.

- Facial CleansingContrary to many myths, there is no problem in doing a facial when women are pregnant, as long as they do not use harsh products for the skin.

- Aromatherapy: In its proper measure, the use of mild scents can be a great aesthetic, beauty and relaxing treatment for the future mother. As long as powerful essential oils are not used, there is no problem for the pregnant woman if she uses the relaxing aromatherapy.

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