Canapes for children with Christmas star shape

Canapes for children with Christmas star shape

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TheChristmas Eve dinner or Christmas lunch it is an ideal time to make special and different recipes. You don't need to be a great connoisseur of cooking or have great knowledge, just want to have a good time with the children preparing these delicious Christmas canapes.

We present this proposal to make a sofa shaped like a Christmas star. Children will love it and also, they can perfectly collaborate in its preparation. Merry Christmas!

  • Bread
  • Cheese spread
  • Cured ham
  • Toothpick

advice: you can substitute the York ham for other ingredients such as salami, chorizo ​​or another sausage that your children like.

1. Use a star-shaped mold (or a knife if not) to shape a slice of bread.

2. Spread the star with cheese. Cut a slice of York ham with the same mold and place it on the star.

3. Thread a toothpick and you have your canapé for children with a star shape.

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