How the name influences the child's personality

How the name influences the child's personality

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Many families have a hard time choosing the name that we are going to give our baby. And it is not strange, since the name is the first family legacy that they will receive as soon as they are born. We know that the name is important and that is why we want to choose the most appropriate one, but we are wondering to what extent the name influences the child's personality.

That the name influences the life of the child is something that has been known since the beginning of time. That is why the oldest peoples and cultures such as ancient Greece or Hebrew have talking names. The boy carried in his name all the aspirations that his family placed in him. But this importance of the baby's name has its face and its cross.

Although today it is known that the name will not determine the life of the child, it is true that it can greatly influence their personality. With the choice of the name we are defining in part our baby. That is why we must be careful and not get carried away by the emotion of the moment. Name it's not something temporary, It is something that the child will carry throughout his life.

However, it is not always clear to us that the name is forever And that is why many families are carried away by fashions or by the popularity of current media characters such as athletes, singers or actors. There is no shortage of people who mainly pursue originality, seeking and sometimes creating a unique and exclusive name for their baby.

At the other extreme in terms of choosing the name are those who want to maintain the family tradition at all costs, in the case of families where the great-grandfather, grandfather, father, son and grandson bear the same name. And that is something that can cause more than one confusion. Different is the case in which the child bears the name of a deceased person as a tribute, something that may seem very emotional but which continues to be a burden when the child finds his true identity.

This leads us to question whether it is better to choose a rare, original, exotic name or a traditional name that everyone is familiar with. If the child has a strange, eccentric or difficult to pronounce name, we may be favoring teasing at school, making him feel different and perhaps excluded. But it may also be that the child grows stronger feeling special.

The truth is that the name can greatly influence the personality of a child, but it is not decisive. What ultimately determines a child's personality is the familiar surroundings in which childhood passes. If the child feels secure, if he is taught to believe in himself and his self-esteem is boosted, the name he carries will be the least of it, even if that name attracts too much attention.

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