Itchy skin during pregnancy

Itchy skin during pregnancy

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For many women, pregnancy is an ordeal due to skin problems that can lead to being pregnant, especially due to the appearance of stretch marks, spots on the skin and the annoying itching due to distension and stretching of the skin as pregnancy progresses. Although there are unavoidable situations at this time in life, it is also true that itching of the dermis can be relieved if we know how to do it.

The hormonal changes they can cause pregnant women to see how their skin changes as their gestation progresses. The spots are the most common, and the dermis can also dry out, but if there is a rather annoying problem that is the one that has to do with itching.

Especially in the abdomen and maybe also in the breasts, the itch is the most common. Many pregnant women feel it and consider it one of the most negative parts of the process, which can be caused by allergic reactions to some food, the hormones themselves or by a rash.

Once we have it, the best we can do is find out how eliminate itching in the areas of the body that bother us. To begin with, the most important thing is not to use soaps that are aggressive for the dermis, but those that allow the skin to be at its best.

It is also recommended for a pregnant woman with itchy skin do not abuse the water temperature when bathing. Water that is too hot can cause the skin to dry out and break out the most annoying rashes, so setting it aside will make the itchiness disappear completely.

It is also necessary to have lotions and creams on hand that can relieve itchy areas, as they will deeply hydrate the skin. And finally, wearing clothes that are too tight can contribute to the skin not being at its best, so opting for lighter and less narrow fabrics will not make the itch higher.

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