The big day has arrived, your son goes to school!

The big day has arrived, your son goes to school!

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Have you ever tried to put yourself in your child's shoes and test what your reaction would be if you had to try something new and at his age? Of course, many of the situations that your children live today, you have lived them too, only that you no longer remember. The first day of class is one of these situations. Returning or going to school for the first timeBoth can be a pleasure and a nightmare for children and / or their parents.

Children's feelings are confusing. They want to go to school to meet again or make new friends, play and discover new things, and at the same time they do not want to go because they feel comfortable, safe and more sheltered at home. When it is time to go or return to school, which for parents could be a joy, turns into a distressing situation when the child does not want to go to classes. There are some parents who, after leaving their child at school, against their will, feel guilty, as if they had committed a crime.

And you may be wondering: what can we do to survive it?
1- Convey firmness and enthusiasm. Make him see that you will leave him in a beautiful and protected place, under the care of a teacher, and that there he will learn and share many things with other children of the same age. It would not be bad for you to take your son around school before leaving him in his class. Surely, in parent meetings, you will have known the school facilities.

2- Convey confidence. The child must be sure that he will only be at school for a few hours and then return home. The fear of abandonment is what leads, especially first-time children, to mount a "drama" at the entrance of the school.

3- Convey complicity and affection. Every morning, before they go to school, go through the child's backpack together, ask him what he wants to take for a snack or what clothes he wants to wear.

4- Transmit understanding and security. If the child cries when saying goodbye to you, do not give in to his crying and do not take him back home. Tell him that you understand him, explain that he will come to get him in a few hours and make sure that this moment does not last so long. The child should feel that you understand and that you are sure of what you are doing.

5- Transmit joy and tranquility. Be sure that even if you leave your child crying at school, that his crying will stop so you leave or that he will divert his attention to other children. You must leave with the certainty that your child will be being cared for and that he will learn not only to write and read, but also to live with other children.

6- Conveying interest. When you pick up your child from school, don't forget to ask him how everything was at school. That will give you more security to return the next day.

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