Christmas in family. Travel to Berlin with the kids

Christmas in family. Travel to Berlin with the kids

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Berlin has an authentic Christmas atmosphere ideal for a family trip. Despite its low temperatures, it is one of the most charming European cities to spend Christmas with the family. Travel to Berlin with the children and you will live an exciting experience.

Christmas in Berlin is full of life on its streets. You will find a city that is full of markets, snow and lights. Christmas in Berlin is an attraction to be enjoyed with children due to the wide range of activities free that we can find in its streets and squares.

1. The Gendarmenplatz flea market. From November 24 to December 31. Families traveling to Berlin for Christmas will be able to enjoy the largest Christmas market in the city. It is a perfect place to buy a handmade Christmas gift. Also for children to see Santa Claus and ask for their gifts for Christmas.

2. Attractions in Opernpalais. From November 24 to December 31. It is another mandatory stop on this family route through Berlin. It is another of the 50 markets in Berlin, famous for its jewels, ceramics and crystals. Children can play in the Christmas rides, while parents shop for Christmas presents.

3. K├Ąthe Wohlfahrt's Christmas shop. It has become a Christmas tradition in Berlin. It is the authentic world of Santa Claus. Visiting families can admire its Christmas decorations in all shapes and colors. It is a perfect place to buy Christmas decorations for your home or to acquire a souvenir of your family Christmas trip to Berlin.

4. Christmas sweets. Families with children, who decide to travel to Berlin at Christmas, have to try the typical Christmas sweets. Some cakes called "lebkuchen" that will delight children and their parents as well. Christmas food is another element that makes Berlin a perfect destination for Christmas travel.

5. Christmas tree at the Brandenburg Gate. A beautiful Christmas tree decorated with Christmas lights and decorations and the Brandenburg Gate in the background. It is typical to celebrate New Year's Eve in this mythical Berlin square. It is surrounded by hotels that celebrate dances, dinners and with the entrance of the New Year, families can enjoy a fireworks display.

Traveling to Berlin at Christmas is a perfect plan for those families who want to spend the holidays in a true Christmas paradise. Also if you travel with children here you have a route with Christmas activities that can serve as a guide.

Paula Guinot. Editor of our site

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