The navel of the newborn: What a nuisance!

The navel of the newborn: What a nuisance!

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When we see our newborn for the first time, it attracts our attention: they seem wrinkled, hairy, greasy, red, with lost eyes ... But we do not care, it is our baby, there is no softer and more wonderful creature on earth! Of course, the belly button is beyond me ...

The newborn's navel and its care It is something that, even after practicing with several children, still seems like a real nuisance. From our baby's swollen and strange belly hangs a flap with a clamp that is larger than it and that, no matter what you do, always stains and bothers us when dressing, grooming or changing the bottom. All this, added to the fear of being able to harm it in its handling and cure, is one of the most frequent difficulties of new mothers and fathers, although it only rarely brings complications.

The nurses will tell you the navel must always be dry to promote healing; To do this, they teach us to screw on a sterile gauze with a little 70ยบ alcohol. So far so good, but sometimes the navel is exposed to the depositions of sticky meconium (skin rash) and to the urine of our baby, especially if it is a boy, so cleaning and drying it is quite difficult.

We would need three hands: one to grasp the tweezers, another to clean, and the last to soak the gauze and wrap precisely. I don't know, maybe I'm not very skilled! After a week, days up or down, the rest of the umbilical cord finally falls off! What a pleasure to be able to submerge our little one in the warm bathtub without tripping over the damn clamp when we sponge.

But that is not the end of everything, until our baby does not have abdominal muscles as God intended, which does not usually happen before 5 or 6 months, our little navel can become, by its cries, a slightly swollen or herniated belly button, which many times makes us look for solutions as crazy as placing coins with bandages, sinking it under a tape or some other invention of the grandmother ..., all this so that our baby can wear a beautiful navel in a bikini or swimsuit.

Quiet! over time, navels tend to be as precious as their little owners.

Patron Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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