Infant colitis. Symptoms and Treatment

Infant colitis. Symptoms and Treatment

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If there is something that is very uncomfortable and not pleasant for children in terms of health, it is suffering on certain occasions colitis. This ailment is very common in our children, and knowing how their symptom and what its treatment consists of helps to be able to detect it early and so that the children heal as soon as possible.

The colitis is the irritation that comes with inflammation which can occur in the large intestine. In children it is quite common that it can occur in a child, since if the parents also suffer it it can be a hereditary ailment. There are different types of this disease that can develop, such as ulcerative or nervous.

The symptoms of colitis are easily recognizable, as they usually have a diarrhea considerable as main evidence. However, just because you have diarrhea does not mean you have swollen large intestine and therefore have colitis, but when the infection has already occurred it is one of the key symptoms.

On the other hand, there are also other symptoms to know if a child has colitis, such as abdominal pain, fever or also dehydration in addition to nausea.

Regarding treatment for when a child has colitisIt is best to go to the doctor, since depending on the type of colitis, a prescription for antibiotics may be strict.

However, if colitis is not too serious, there are natural remedies to stop it in terms of diet. It is advisable to bring a soft diet and balanced to end the inflammation of the large intestine and thus return to normal. This diet should not be rich in fiber nor should it include heavy or fatty foods, as they could contribute to making the situation worse.

In addition, it is essential to drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration, but it should be water and not sugary drinks or juices. It is also advisable to be careful with milk because many children can get it from lactose intolerance.

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