The five daily meals in the diet of children

The five daily meals in the diet of children

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Experts tell us that a balanced diet involves eating five meals a day. It is very important that in childhood none of the 5 be missed: breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner.

In short, it is about making three important meals and two extra contributions. Meals are distributed in this way to provide the necessary energy throughout the day and provide the necessary nutrients for good health.

On our site you will find all the necessary information so that your child's five meals a day are healthy, balanced and delicious.

Children's breakfast. A good breakfast can prevent problems such as childhood obesity and should be made up of milk, fruit or juice, and carbohydrates. The child who eats a proper breakfast has enough energy to respond to school assignments.

Children's lunch. Lunch is that meal that children make in the middle of the morning. It is a snack that is taken between breakfast and lunch and helps children to replenish the energy drain and not to arrive very hungry at mealtime.

Children's food. How our children's food should be. Tips to get a balanced meal in the diet of children. The importance of food in the diet of children.

The children's snack. The children's snack is the third meal of the day and must provide the nutrients that have not been included in the rest of the meals. The best and worst snack for children. Which foods are the most suitable to offer children at school and home snacks.

The children's dinner. Tips for preparing children's dinner after a busy day at school, school, nursery or a day of games. Dinner should also become a moment of family gathering and should be light, nutritious and balanced.

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