Tricks to combat childhood obesity

Tricks to combat childhood obesity

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Currently, the issue of childhood obesity not only worries many parents but also the sanitary authorities around the world. The nutritionist Lucia Bultó, author of the book Nutrinanny's advice, explains in this interview with our site, what are the causes that lead to overweight in children, what we can do at home to fight obesity and avoid the health risks that excess weight can cause in adult life .

What are the factors that lead children to obesity?
There are two factors: one is diet with all that it entails, and the other is physical activity. According to statistics, one in three children is overweight, that is, is obese or is on the way to being so. Health is alarmed, not only in our country but in all industrialized countries.

Why do you eat badly or why do you eat a lot?
Mainly, in my opinion, it is due to lack of information. Good nutritional information is shown to automatically give children with more balanced weights. We suddenly hear that fruit becomes fattening later before or in the middle of the meal and we take that pattern, we hear that meat is not fattening and bread is, and we give a lot of meat and little bread. All of that is misinformation, leading to an imbalance that leads to obesity. On the side of physical activity, it is important to burn what you eat, because if you don't burn, it is reserved.

How can we avoid childhood obesity at home?
Childhood obesity at home can be prevented, on the one hand, by controlling the diet and, on the other, by encouraging physical exercise, but the child will not do anything that we do not do. Let's not pretend that if vegetables are not eaten at home because I don't like them, that the child eats vegetables, or that I always drink a fast-paced French omelette because I'm in a hurry and that the child takes a little fish or his breast of chicken. The first thing is to set an example. In the house that eats well, the child usually eats well. On the other hand, parents need information, easy tools, since we are tired of being given advice that we do not understand.

What do parents have to teach their children to avoid obesity?
If the parents are supersedentary, they do not go out for walks with the children, they do not go on bicycles, they are not interested in sports, it is difficult for the child to be interested in that, the child will join the interests of the parents. Normally, fathers have good weight children. In the obese's home, the dog is also obese because there are particular habits. When there is an obesogenic environment in the whole house, it is difficult to get out of there. You have to break that environment so that everyone gets going.

¿What are the pillars of childhood obesity and how can we combat them?
Avoiding obesity is different than treating obesity. The obese child is first a gluttonous child, then plump and slightly overweight. If this continues, he ends up becoming an obese child. When a child is obese, the advice of the professional is needed: the nutritionist or pediatrician to set a guideline. It seems to me that the child should be tried never to put him on a diet, since it is very traumatic for a young child to be on a diet because he does not understand why he is on a diet, and generally he is and his cousin does not and that is very traumatizing and counterproductive. The child must be treated in a structured way and above all it must be introduced to a balanced diet, which is what will lead to a balanced weight. That would be useful to solve obesity, a disease. Another thing is how to prevent obesity: with a balanced diet, with adequate amounts and with physical exercise that allows that child to be active and use everything they are eating.

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