Halloween ghost and pumpkin mobile

Halloween ghost and pumpkin mobile

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. proposes a craft that, in addition to being very entertaining, serves to decorate some corner of the house. It's about a ghost, pumpkin and bat mobile, ideal for decorating the house, especially in Halloween.

The whole family can have fun building something as simple and original as a ghost mobile and pumpkins that will scare young and old who visit the house.

  • Black pipe cleaner
  • White, orange and black felt
  • Black marker
  • Pin
  • Silicone thread

advice: you can make as many Halloween motifs as you can think of and place several mobiles of this type around the house.

1- Draw and cut out Halloween motifs on colored felt: ghosts, pumpkins and bats.

2- Make a small hole with a pin in the upper part of the decorative elements and pass the silicone thread. Tie a knot from behind

3. Tie the strings to a black pipe cleaner and your ghost and pumpkin mobile is ready. You can place it anywhere since the pipe cleaner will allow you to tie it wherever you want.

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