Benefits of tickling the baby

Benefits of tickling the baby

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Tickling babies and children is a natural and daily act that parents and family members usually do to make the child laugh. Do you know that tickling influences the development of the child?

The tickling game it is usually a shared activity between parents and children. It is about living together a moment of laughter and fun. It also provides unforgettable moments of intimacy. Do you want to know its advantages and how to play tickle?

- In the physical plane they are a great way for the child to know his own body, especially when the parents accompany the game with songs or games of the type of the ant that goes up the leg, walks through the belly, goes down the arm...

- It's a way of encourage physical contact between parents and childrenIn addition, the child will feel the center of attention of their parents at that time and will promote bonding and attachment.

- To be a beneficial game you have to choose the place and time well, the child must be predisposed to play and not to do it at times when the child is sleepy, is playing quietly or is hungry.

- It is convenient to take into account the degree of resistance of each one, it is not necessary to play tickle to the point where it is unpleasant. Each one has a more sensitive body part in which the tickling goes from being a delight to a torture.

- If the child cries or gets angry, it is advisable to stop, but it is advisable not to reach that limit.

- The child can learn what uncertainty and surprise are, since tickling is a game that comes unexpectedly and never in the same place or at the same time.

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