When the child does not call us neither mom nor dad

When the child does not call us neither mom nor dad

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Many parents believe that when their children do not call them "dad" or "mom" it is because there is an affective conflict and they think that there may be some kind of emotional lack and that this attitude is a barrier that children put up. But the reality is that this does not always have to be the case. This rarely happens, but some children call their parents by the usual name.

In general, this is something learned and normally children call their parents by name because they have learned it that way, that is, parents have always called each other by name and no one has ever taught them that they should call their parents' dad 'or' mom '. There may even be times when families themselves are the ones who teach their children to call you by name.

Getting children to call their parents in a specific way will only be achieved through direct interaction with them, that is, by teaching them to do so.

It is also possible for children to actually feel emotionally estranged and that for this reason they do not call their parents in this way. This is especially true when children spend too many hours caring for other people.

There are parents who do not give importance to this issue and in this case everything would be fine and it would not be necessary to look for solutions even if there was that little emotional distance. But instead, the usual and what usually happens to parents is that they are very distressed by this problem.

It is necessary not to show tension before the problem and to take solutions. Some solutions can be:

- When the children are very young, the couple can be called 'mom' or 'dad' for a while to see if the children by imitation get used to doing it.

- Explain to the children that they should call their parents 'papa' and 'mama' and let everything be a natural learning process.

- Correct children with respect and affection.

- Strengthen the affective bond between parents and children.

- Spend more time with the family and offer them quality time.

Although it does not always mean that when a child calls 'mom' or 'dad' it is because of an emotional distance and it is something that can be learned from their own parents, it is convenient to find the solution so that the little ones can feel closer emotionally to their parents .

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