Rules of coexistence at school

Rules of coexistence at school

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Every day of a school year both teachers, students and other non-teaching staff at the school coexist so that life in the school is pleasant and everyone can meet their goals.

Everyone has rights and duties within the educational center that must be respected and fulfilled for the good coexistence of each other.

Rules of coexistence are needed to be able to ensure that rights are not violated and the duties of each are not mocked. In this sense, it should be noted that the rights and duties of each one are essential to know them well by the entire school community to avoid problems and conflicts.

With the rules of school coexistence, it is intended that teaching professionals, non-teaching professionals, students and even parents from home know what they should do, how they should behave and what they should do at any given time.

The rules of coexistence are embodied in the internal documents of all educational centers, But it will be the duty of the center itself and of each teacher and professor to transmit it to students and families so that in this way they can know how to behave themselves and to others in the school.

Although the rules of coexistence will help us resolve problems and conflicts, they can always happen. When there is some kind of conflict in the school, it is convenient to be able to involve all the interested parties in a search for solutions where all the parties can come out well placed.

Some clear examples of coexistence rules are the following (although it may vary according to the criteria of each school):

-Attend school punctually and regularly.

-Attend class with good hygiene and health conditions.

-Maintain a correct attitude between classmates and teachers.

-Respect the rights and dignity of any person in the educational center.

-Show interest in studying, learning and in the activities proposed in class.

-Solve problems and conflicts, always seeking the common good of the educational center and without anyone being harmed.

-Respect the physical and moral integrity of all the people of the educational center and of the society to which the school belongs.

-Maintain a good attitude of cleanliness in the classrooms and in any provision of the school.

-Do not throw objects for the advantages of the classes or to classmates or teachers.

-Mobile phones are prohibited in the classrooms.

-It is totally forbidden to smoke inside the educational center for both students and teachers.

-Be respectful of diversity.

-Do not attack any person and always seek communication as a way to resolve conflicts.

Values ​​in social life are important such as: security, justice, equality, the common good, freedom, respect and even solidarity. In the event that the rules are not complied with, it is also necessary to add negative consequences in the case of not complying with them.

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