Pregnancy needs the energy equivalent to running a marathon

Pregnancy needs the energy equivalent to running a marathon

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There are more and more reasons why a woman should prepare physically and mentally to have a child. And it is that, although it is not about making comparisons, while a woman needs the energy equivalent to running a marathon to father a child, a man only uses the energy required to heat a cup of water.

Yes, what you are reading. A statement that the scientist Eduardo Punset talks about, in his book The journey to love, which corroborates what we already knew: that men and women do not contribute the same in the biological field when it comes to being parents. Thus, while women can give birth to one or two children per year, if the pregnancy is multiple, men can father thousands of children per year, if they are sexually active with several women, since they produce 3,000 sperm per second.

However, it seems that the fidelity necessary to be a father has been marked in the genes and the natural selection of the human species has known how to value the genes of jealous men, who invested in their children and maintained fidelity in couple relationships by fear of having to feed other people's children.

The criteria for choosing a partner in the search for the future father or mother of our children is not the same either. While a woman needs an almost total inhibition of her emotional brain to have an orgasm, that is, she has to disconnect from certain emotions such as fear or anxiety to reach climax, the man fundamentally needs arousal above all other circumstances reigning to achieve the sensations of physical pleasure typical of the sexual act. Apparently, these needs of men and women are linked, on the one hand, to the competition of men with others of the same species to deserve the favors of women and, on the other, to the special care that women put in choosing His couple.

Although all this has been deduced over the centuries, today people who consider themselves good stable companions gradually value fidelity, physical attractiveness, commitment to forming a family, wealth and social status.

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