Halloween is very close

Halloween is very close

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Halloween, the most terrifying party of the year, reaches our homes, the hearts of our children and the palate of the whole family because there are more and more sweets to taste on Halloween night. The organization of the party, the costumes and makeup, the decoration of the house and the preparation of chilling recipes will keep families busy these days.

I still remember the face and the shock that my little boy got when his brother first appeared in the room with the death costume and mask on. Her legs trembled and she burst into tears in disconsolate tears. He was only 18 months old and still didn't know anything about Halloween. The dark environment, the costumes and the masks were very scary and it took several years to get over that.. Now he loves to dress up like all children. His favorite costume is that of a sorcerer, which he especially likes because of the pointed hat and the wig he wears, a gray mane with which he says he looks like an old man.

Red, bloody makeup, typical of dracles or vampires, are not for him, but he enjoys watching the lipstick drip on the faces of his friends, friends who become competitors on the night of the dead, since it is tradition to travel the neighbors' houses to get candy and sweets. Thus, at the voice of trick or treating, at the Halloween party all the children leave home with a bag, which will soon be filled with gifts from the neighbors.

And is that Halloween is a holiday for children and parents have no problem working to have a great time organizing the party too. Last year, with some neon lights and lots of white cardboard we built a most terrifying decoration for Halloween. We drew and cut out a bunch of skeletons and skulls on the white cardboard that then, illuminated with neon lights, gave a chill to death. Crafty parents drew Freddy's face, the faces of various vampires and various ghosts in gruesome art and the rest of the decoration was completed with paper spiders and spray webs. Numerous candles lit and encased in pumpkins littered the tables where there were bloody popcorn, Halloween cookies and pumpkin cakes.

The dark music completed the atmosphere and so that everything was shrouded in even more mystery, a father turned into Dracula himself, was forming groups of three children to show them our particular passage of terror. Thus, each group left there more terrified than the previous one, but with such a smile on their lips, that all the children in the queue huddled to keep their place to enter and enjoy that infernal scene.

This year we have a lot of work ahead of us to overcome the success of last year, but I think that with a little imagination, anything can be achieved. Halloween is an imported party, but every year it is more ours because of fun and exciting. Go ahead and you will have a terrifyingly good time.

Marisol New.

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