The story of his birth: a special story for children

The story of his birth: a special story for children

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I admit that one of my favorite stories, the one that my mother will have told me more than a thousand times, is that of my birth. As with some stories, I loved the story of my birth that my mother repeated it to me over and over again as it happens now to my children.

And I don't know what I liked the most, if the life event my parents went through the day I came to this world or the way my mother told me in the first person, living in each story that moment as if it happened just two days ago.

Now it is my son who asks me to tell him the story of his birth with the same insistence, and it was the other day that I realized that I had already told him a million times. I almost always start in the same way, telling him that I was so calm sitting with my huge belly on the sofa doing zapping and already starts laughing. It was almost ten o'clock at night and we still hadn't had dinner, when suddenly ... something made me get up from the sofa at full speed, well considering the speed with which I could get up from the sofa with that huge belly that bulged more than me. It was so big that I could hardly handle it ... and he breaks out laughing again.

As I stood up, a liquid ran down my legs and formed a path on the floor as I made my way to the bathroom. It was the sign that you came to this world and were leaving, like Thumbelina, crumbs of bread to find after the way back. At this moment, the look and expression on my son's face was seeded again with expectation ... Meanwhile, your father asked me nervously, "What do I do? Get the mop, I told him ... and then we burst out laughing. -What happened after? I suppose your father erased all the crumbs that Thumbelina had left in the hall with the mop because I, with you on my belly, got into the shower.

When I got out of the shower, I was fiercely hungry and started making dinner. While your father was setting the table, he said to me, how are you going to have dinner now, if you are going to give birth! And then the laughs return, as he asks me to continue. So I explained to your father that I had a long night ahead of me and that I needed the strength to deal with labor. Your father praised my fortitude, while I was a nervous wreck, it seemed that he was the one who was going to give birth and birth being a novelty for us in those circumstances at night and in the light of a huge full moon, I couldn't understand she could be so calm. Actually, I was fine, I still did not feel the contractions, obviously the expulsion of the baby takes time and there was no reason to worry.

When we finished dinner, he was rushed. Let's go, let's go as it comes. What stress! Did you take the bag? Do you carry the papers? Whoops! The car keys, where have I put them? he said, while he touched all his pockets ... But I was happy, relaxed and calm, I knew that you were fine, I was ready for what I had to do, I knew that you were willing to be born that day, well the next day, because Between one thing and another we arrived at the maternity clinic at midnight. It was around a quarter past twelve at night ...

After the examination, the doctors confirmed that everything was fine, that I had already started to dilate and they checked me every half hour. Your father was calm and even fell asleep. What a relief! I spent the whole morning dreaming about you, how you would be, I was looking forward to meeting you and seeing your face. At six in the morning, finally, they took me to the delivery room and at twenty to seven I felt you in my arms for the first time. Then you raised your face towards me, you opened your eyes and you looked at me. Your eyes stared into mine like two arrows of love and this seed has grown ever since. This is how you were born. And he always answers me, oh mommy!

Marisol New.

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