10 French names for girls

10 French names for girls

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It is not always easy to choose a baby's name, so we want to give some ideas of names for girls. French names combine tradition with an original touch and all are sophisticated, so they can be a good option for your girl.

We have a list with 10 French names for girls. They are always very popular names but at the same time fresh and modern. Because your girl deserves the most beautiful and charismatic name, you will surely find the ideal name on this list.

1. Amélie. Although the name has a Germanic origin and in the Spanish-speaking world we know it as Amelia, it has gained popularity thanks to its use in French and an unforgettable film. Its meaning is related to the 'job' and we love it because it is full of sweetness.

2. Chantal. This name of French origin has a meaning related to the 'stone' and it is one of the prettiest for girls. It sounds elegant and is capable of reinforcing the personality of any girl.

3. Odette. The name is French and means 'treasure'. Although it has a long tradition in French girls, the name maintains a fresh and original touch that makes it irresistible.

4. Nadine. It is the French version of a name of Russian origin that means 'hope'. It may be better known as Nadia, but in this variant it wins in sophistication and elegance.

5. Celine. The name is the French variant of a name of Latin origin with a meaning related to the 'Darling' and who is more familiar to us as Celia. However, Celine overflows with sweetness and charm.

6. Agnes. This is one of the most attractive names for girls and it is the French variant of a name of Greek origin that means 'pure' and that we know better as Inés. Without a doubt we are facing a safe bet for your girl for her originality and beauty.

7. Anaïs. Converting one of the more traditional names into a modern and stylish name is something that characterizes the French language. It has a Hebrew origin and means 'full of grace' and it is none other than a more charismatic version of the familiar Ana.

8. Karine. Although it has a Scandinavian origin and also means 'pure'We know this name thanks to the French tradition. It is a totally seductive name and overflows with charm.

9. Edith. It is a name of Germanic origin that means 'the one who fights for wealth', but it is a more popular name in France thanks to the influence of one of the mythical singers, Edith Piaf

10. Manon. It belongs to those literary names for girls that we know thanks to the novel 'Manon Lescaut'. It means 'beloved of God' and has a Hebrew origin. And it is actually a renewed version of the traditional Maria.

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