10 names of historical figures for girls

10 names of historical figures for girls

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When choosing the baby's name, there is not always agreement between families due to the large number of options. We are organizing all the baby names by theme and we have come across the names of historical figures for girls.

The historical names for girls they are perfect because they combine tradition with a touch of renewal. They are also supported by the weight of important figures in history. This is our list of 10 names of historical figures for girls with the most iconic names.

1. Isabel. It is a full-fledged queen name. It has a Hebrew origin and a meaning of 'promise of God'. His personality and his strength make it never go out of style and there are many queens who have carried this name as Isabel the Catholic, for example.

2. Teresa. The name has a Latin origin and means 'the hunter'. It has an irresistible musicality that does not yield to the passage of time and has become popular thanks to the Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

3. Catalina. This name is of Greek origin and means 'pure'. The name exudes sophistication and has been worn by many important women throughout history such as Catherine the Great, Catherine of Austria or Catherine of Aragon.

4. Livia. It is one of the most beautiful names for girls with a Latin origin and a meaning of 'pale'. The most relevant historical figure was Livia drusilla, the wife of Emperor Augustus and one of the most influential women in Rome.

5. Eugenia. The name has a Greek origin and means 'the well born'. It is one of the most aristocratic names and was worn by the mythical empress Eugenia de Montijo. Its strength is such that it is still a modern name today.

6. Cayetana. This name is of Latin origin and its meaning refers to 'the inhabitants of Gaeta'. It stands out because it has an air of nobility and sophistication that we cannot resist. The Duchess Cayetana de Alba It comes to our memory with this name that is one of the most attractive for girls.

7. Ana. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'full of grace'. Besides being one of the most popular names, it is a name with history thanks to the figure of Ana Bolena.

8. Lucrecia. The name has a Latin origin and means 'the one who wins'. It remains current thanks to a historical figure such as Lucrecia Borgia, the great patron of the Renaissance who is surrounded by legend.

9. Eva. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'the one who gives life'. The name is most attractive to us because it is fresh despite its long tradition. Eva braun, Adolf Hitler's partner comes to mind as a historical figure for one of the safe bets on girl names.

10. Jacqueline. This name is of Hebrew origin and means 'held by the heel'. Besides being a modern name, it maintains its popularity thanks to the figure of a woman as admired as Jacqueline Kennedy.

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