The most popular boy names for 2016

The most popular boy names for 2016

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If you are looking for a name for your son, you may be interested in reviewing the list of the most popular names for 2016. Some, very classic, continue in the top positions, as is the case of Daniel, Pablo or Alejandro. But we also find names that a few years ago were not so popular, such as Martín, Adrián or Nicolás. has put together a list of the 15 most popular newborn names for 2016. Each of the names includes its origin and meaning.

The list of names for boys for 2016 brings us great surprises. There are names that became fashionable in their day and now they are lowering positions, as is the case with Iker or Leo. Others, however, are registering more and more frequently among newborns. This is the case of Mateo, Izan, Alex or Marc.

And although we continue to find classic names on the list of the most popular, such as Sergio, Carlos or Miguel, other less well-known ones appear and are gaining in popularity among children. For example: Aaron, Oliver, Enzo, Adam, Pau or Joel.

Since We recommend that you think carefully about your child's name and look for its meaning in the lists that we have prepared. Here are some:

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