Children born in December get worse grades

Children born in December get worse grades

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Ivan is the smallest in his class and his evaluation results are not good. His mother justifies her results by saying that Being born in December conditions their maturity with respect to the other children of the same courseor, that they take between six and eleven months of development, and at these ages it shows a lot.

This curious appreciation, which shows thatborn at the end of the year may condition the life of a child, has found scientific basis in a study carried out in France by researcher Julien Grenet and published in the journalRevue Économique. As the statistics reveal,the worst academic results by year correspond to children born at the end of the year.

The maturational difference between being born in December or January can be up to eleven months and, as a consequence, this is reflected in their evaluations. But, what is most striking is that this delay is fixed, instead of attenuating as the child grows, contrary to what was believed. Thus, according to the results of the study, a child has 51 percent chance of delay in course if born in December, but only 35 percent if born in January. Furthermore, the graphs show that difficulties have increased since the beginning of Primary Education.

The chronological age at the school admits children to the courses by calendar years, despite the fact that the school courses run from September to June. The evaluation criteria are the same for everyone, without exceptions, or curricular adaptations for those born at the end of the year. In this sense, many children find it difficult to be the youngest in the class and are forced to try twice as hard to achieve the same results as the rest.

Currently, two children born in the same year can start Primary with very different ages: thus While one may start the course at six and a half years, the other may be five and still have three months to go before turning six. Ideally, therefore, children should have the opportunity to have a more personalized education taking into account that the same capacity for assimilation of concepts cannot be expected from the smallest as from those born at the beginning of the year.

In this search for more flexible pedagogical alternatives, the adapted classes stand out, which exist in some schools in the Early Childhood Education stage. Aware that they cannot ask or offer the same to a 3-year-old child as to a 4-and-a-half-year-old, and since the evaluation criteria are not governed by the same standard as in Primary, because there are no scoring grades, the teachers they usually divide their students into small working groups to take into account the particularities of each child and offer them a more personalized education.

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