10 tips to stop child aggression

10 tips to stop child aggression

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Aggressive behavior is one in which a child tries to harm, physically or mentally, another child or even their parents. It is an intentional action manifested through kicks, scratches, yelling, pushing, swearing, biting, pulling hair ...

Having aggressive behavior causes the child to have complications and difficulties in social relationships. It prevents a correct integration in any environment: at school, at home ... But how can we help you?

1- Identify the cause that generates it: if he has low self-esteem, if he does not feel loved, if he feels dethroned prince… Helping him solve his problem will help to change his behavior.

2- Create a family climate of trust so that you can express your emotions. We must explain to him that it is normal to be angry or feel angry but the answer is not to hit, but he can tell us how he feels and thus release his emotions.

3- Early intervention is much more effective. Don't wait for the child to start showing more aggressive behavior. Intervene as soon as you notice that the child is feeling frustrated or upset.

4- Generate opportunities to be successful in your day to day: congratulate you for making your bed well, for picking up your dinner plate, for dressing yourself, or even for knowing content at a certain point and not engaging in aggressive behavior

5- Be an example for the child: our attitude should not be aggressive, if they see us yelling, losing patience or slamming doors, we should not be surprised if they are aggressive. We must be congruent and be a role model for them.

6- If the violence is towards us, the child has exploded, shouts insults and even wants to attack us, it is best to get away. It is in full emotional explosion and cannot be reasoned.

7- If the violent behavior is towards the brother or other children we must stop it firmly. We must not wait for it to hit again. It is preferable to separate him from the child and send him to his room to reflect or separate him from the other children, explaining that he will be able to play again when he is ready to do so without causing harm.

8- You have to make him understand later that his behavior was not appropriate and even carry out some private or educational punishment and, of course, you must apologize to the person who did harm

9- Avoid watching excessive television, who has access to video games with violent content and does encourage him to exercise and channel his energy

10- In case you have put all this into practice and nothing works, you should go to a child therapist so you can find the cause and channel your emotions. Remember that children are aggressive because they learn to be aggressive, they can also learn to stop being aggressive.

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