Separating boys and girls in school classrooms: how do you see it?

Separating boys and girls in school classrooms: how do you see it?

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I have always thought that the choice of school for our children should be related to the type of education we want to give them. If, for personal reasons, there are parents who opt for a school where boys and girls are separated in the classrooms due to their gender, is it that at home they are also educated separately? I do not understand why the education of a boy and a girl has to be separated in some schools. What do you think?

A study conducted by Claremont MacKenna College (California, USA), argues that the separation in the classrooms encourages sexism among children and reinforces gender stereotypes. What's more, it makes gender very important. The researchers point out that this type of school legitimizes institutional sexism. In addition, they claim that going to class with people of the same sex does not improve academic results. After comparing the academic results in mixed and single-sex centers, it was concluded that the performance was very similar. There is no evidence that the differences in the brains of boys and girls justify the use of different teaching methods. Similar results were also obtained in other studies carried out in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

As a child, I have studied in a school only for girls. My parents chose him not because he was only for girls but because he was religious, and at that time there was no alternative. When the system changed and the school became mixed, I remember that it was much more enriching. Not only because I made more friends, but I learned so much more from the naturally different way of children. I have always thought that we learn much more from equality than from separation. I think that differences already exist by themselves and that any form of segregation damages equality instead of promoting it. If children are allowed to be separated in the classroom by their gender, does it not result in them also being separated by race, color and religion?

In Spain, segregation by sex in the classrooms of public schools and in concerted schools (private schools subsidized by the Government) was long rejected. Schools that only admit male and female students separately may exist in the Spanish educational system, but these centers are excluded from the possibility of being subsidized with public funds.

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