Can a child love mom or dad more?

Can a child love mom or dad more?

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Some parents may have wondered if their children love their fathers more than their mothers, but it is a question that should never be asked of them to know the answer.

Children never have to feel the dilemma of thinking the answer of whether they love a father or a mother more, because no matter what circumstances are happening, they will always love both.

There are parents who think that they themselves may be the favorite of their children or perhaps their partners. There may be preferences but when it comes to loving one or the other, preferences tend to blur and there is love for both (in one way or another). Just as children must feel loved by both their parents, they must also love them in order to feel a good emotional balance.

But even if a child wants the same as his father or mother, there may be preferences for one or the other and this is totally normal. Just as parents can sometimes have a favorite child even though they love all children equally, something similar happens to children with their parents.

All people can have preferences for those with whom they are easier to communicate, who are more sympathetic and who ultimately feel better being next to that person. That a child has preferences for one parent does not mean that they love the other less, it simply means that with a specific parent they can meet emotional needs that go beyond words and that with the other parent they do not get it in the same way.

But the reality is that preferences for favorite parent may change over time and it will depend on the situation and the relationship with the children. This type of favoritism that children can have with their parents is harmless and the other parent should not feel bad about the preference, much less use this type of situation for emotional manipulations.

What is important is that parents understand that there is no favored or finalist parent, the love of a child is not a competition. It is only necessary to work on emotions at home to ensure that the child can feel calm and loved by both parents equally and that there should be no toxic or inappropriate behaviors to 'win' more love from the child.

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