Glue for children's gaps and wounds

Glue for children's gaps and wounds

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When a child makes a gap, or you fall and have a wound on your body, it is very common to use tricks or home remedies to get you better in a short time. However, it is convenient to know all the products that we can use so that our child is in the best conditions at home after a domestic accident, as is the case of glue.

The biological glue It is a skin adhesive that can be used in the pain area when children have fallen and injured. This medicine for pharmaceutical use can come in the form of an applicator to be used just in the area that is damaged and that can act as stitches, soothing and protecting the part that has suffered with the fall or the domestic accident.

Through contact with the dermis, the glue -which must be applied after deep washing and disinfect the wound- manages to repair the child's gap, since its components of collagen, fibrin and other biological substances manage to close the area, help him heal faster and act as stitches when wounds are not very deep. To apply it, the important thing is to get a glue that has a marker shape, so that it is easier to apply on clean skin until creating a film that leaves the part that has been damaged by the blow fixed and protected.

This glue is a alternative to traditional adhesives, as well as staples or sutures. The advantage for children is that it is practically painless to apply a glue to a wound, as well as the fact that once the recommended time has passed, it must be removed naturally and the wound will be healed.

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