Ideas to decorate the wall of the baby room

Ideas to decorate the wall of the baby room

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To decorate the walls in the baby's room we have a wide variety of elements that will facilitate the task. The problem comes when choosing what we are going to place and how to arrange it so that it is not overloaded or excessively 'bland'.

These are some of the decorative elements that we can use in a children's room:

- Picture: you can choose between those that have already been made or purchase prints that you can then frame. The theme is very broad: animals, children's figures, letters, numbers ... You can arrange them geometrically or asymmetrically. If you prefer to get an idea of ​​how it will look, I advise you to make some paper templates the size of the pictures and play with them. There are very original ideas for making paintings: you can frame their first socks, or some very special piece of clothing, even the imprint of their little foot or hand.

- Silhouettes: there are made of wood or resin and can be personalized. Even if you like crafts, you can decorate them yourself. The characters can be animals, boys or girls representing a profession, stars, butterflies, clouds ... You can also combine them creating beautiful scenes.

- Vinyls: made expressly for baby rooms and that can be formed by a sheet that you will place in the chosen position or by different figures that you can distribute to create your own composition.

- Murals: there are professionals dedicated to painting them directly on the wall. You choose the theme and they make a personalized drawing that will surely make your baby's bedroom a unique place.

- Baby's name: in wood, methacrylate, fabric, wool ... decorating with your baby's name is in fashion. You can even do it yourself by following simple steps. Choose the materials, make the templates and get to work. The letters can vary in colors giving movement to the design or accompany them with other figures that will make that wall the center of attention in your baby's room.

As you can see, the possibilities are numerous. Which one do you decide for?

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