When the baby cannot be breastfed

When the baby cannot be breastfed

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Not all mothers can breastfeed their children. Although they are few, there are cases in which breastfeeding is contraindicated, and others in which the mother directly ends up giving up after numerous attempts.

The matron Sara caƱamero It explains in which cases breastfeeding cannot occur and how to deal with it.

The most normal thing is that the mother can feed her baby by breastfeeding. But there are some cases, though rare, in which breastfeeding is not feasible.

1. Serious diseases of the mother: in the event that the mother suffers from cancer or is receiving chemotherapy.

2. A prolactyloma: it is a small benign tumor that presses on the pituitary area, affecting the production of breast milk. It prevents the generation of milk in sufficient quantities.

3. That the mother has AIDS or HIV.

4. Galactosemia of the newborn: This is a problem found with the heel test. It is a hereditary disease that prevents the correct assimilation of sugar or glucose, due to an enzyme deficiency.

There are mothers who claim to have 'little milk'. And although there are few cases, they really do exist. It is due to hypogalactia. That is, a low milk production that the mother gets nervous when she sees that her child seems to be hungry.

There are also cases of mothers who, even though they intend to breastfeed, and despite having good advice, are suffering a state of anxiety. In these cases, and once it has been tried repeatedly without success, the mother is recommended to choose another type of diet.

The most important thing for a mother in raising her child is that she is well and feels satisfied, that she decides what she decides, does it with a lot of love, and that she also does not feel guilty or have regrets.

The attachment, the bond can also be transmitted by giving a bottle to your baby. Breastfeeding is the best food as long as the mother lives it from joy and satisfaction.

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