Children imitate their elders: in the good and the bad

Children imitate their elders: in the good and the bad

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Our young children copy and repeat phrases, gestures, games and behaviors without stopping, it is their way of learning; they absorb and imitate everything they see and hear, anyone can become their role model and, therefore, many parents are concerned that their children have a suitable example and role model in any environment where their child moves or in their social relationships .

Taking care of the relationship that our children have with other children is very important. In the family sphere, there are many families made up of several siblings where the older ones are demanded more because they will be the model that the little ones are going to imitate and because they have taken a few more steps in their relationship with their parents and friends. The youngest ones, who naturally want to be older, more often imitate the behaviors of their brother or older child, which exerts an irresistible influence on them.

But although the family environment and the recommendations of parents to their children are decisive, there are environments that are difficult for us to control and that can spoil our work in the education of our child. I read the other day a comment from a mother who had had to go to live in her mother's house with her little girl and her oldest niece also lived there, whose rebellion and anger towards her mother was constant. Her little girl, who until now was a docile and obedient girl, under the influence of her older cousin, imitated his rebellious behaviors and adopted defiant phrases before her mother, which greatly saddened her mother, who saw how her little girl was bewitched towards him. bad behavior from her older cousin.

Unfortunately, there are situations that can get out of hand because we cannot educate the children of others nor can we control everything, but what we can do with our child, even if he is still small, is make him our accomplice, tell him about the problems or difficulties that can move these older children to undesirable behavior and try to convince them that this way of acting can have dire consequences for that child and that it will make him unhappy, not only his mother, but himself.

Although it is difficult, in no case should we throw in the towel, or resign ourselves to losing what we believe best to model our children. We must not rest in advising them and offering them an adequate education in dealing with ourselves and with others. Why not invite them to reflect on the saying: 'Don't do to others what you don't want for yourself?' I, my little one, always ask him, do you like to be hit or insulted? He answers me with a resounding 'no' and then I say to him: 'Well, if you want to have friends, you shouldn't do it to others either, each one reaps what he sows.'

Children understand things much more than we think, their parents are their main role model and it is advisable that there is good communication between us so that they can realize our love and dedication towards them and so that they always trust us and in education that we offer above other models that are within your reach.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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